Virtual Reality is a game changer; it's fun, it's powerful and companies like us are here to help our clients maximize their VR potential! We happen to work with the coolest technologies interactive VR has to offer. Our products include mobile-powered VR (Google Cardboard, Gear VR) and PC-powered virtual reality (Oculus, HTC Vive).

VostokVR believes the immersive world of virtual reality depends on vivid interaction with objects, people and surroundings. That being said, our team is hard at work on more than just immersive installations. VostokVR offers interactive ones as well.

Just so our potential clients know, Interactive VR can be used for roadshows and exhibitions, education, engineering, serious 3D training games, and of course, VR gaming.

Interactive VR is also a game changer for the event industry.


interactive vr installation for wta finals singapore 2015

VostokVR is the first company of its kind to create Asia's first interactive tennis installation using Carl ZEISS headsets. 


new project is

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