As a concept, 360 animation is very close to 360 video; in fact, the two can be combined for highly effective brand promotion. Virtual Reality animation is a favorite of VostokVR. We love the strength of animation; how this art form allows us to present the future and its upcoming projects in ways that can’t be filmed the old-fashioned way.

At VostokVR, we leave old-fashioned behind, and bring you state of the art Virtual Reality that showcases global trends, historical events, as well as brings you unlimited ability to film whatever you want, whenever you want.

Here's our Case Studies from our proven track record:

UMW Aerospace VR_v2.png

Malaysia’s first Tier 1 aerospace engine component manufacture gets the VR treatment

When UMW Aerospace entered into a 25 +5 year agreement with Rolls-Royce Plc to make and assemble aircraft fan cases, they became the first Malaysian Tier 1 aerospace engine component manufacturer.

To commemorate the achievement, Vostok VR created a multi-module 6DOF interactive virtual reality film that combines 360-degree video, interactive VR and Tilt Brush sketches to feature UMW production facilities. The experience familiarizes viewers with UMW’s history and past projects. It is the first part of a large scale project for Vostok VR and UMW Group, in collaboration with Entropia Global.

Poster_Pulau Fantasi VR.png

Suria Channel goes transmedia with 360 video and 6DOF VR

Vostok VR’s joint proposal with Eaglevision for the 2018 Content Development Fund pitch was one of 7 projects selected for development and sponsored by Mediacorp and IMDA Singapore. The endeavour became the first transmedia experience for Suria Channel, a predominantly Malay Singaporean free-to-air channel.



Astro has launched its digital marketing arm Blaze Digital to offer integrated digital-first solutions for marketers across Astro’s 21 digital brands. Astro said Blaze Digital enables it to deliver digital first marketing solutions, offering personalised customer engagement and better value for marketers. It will also leverage on its advantage across TV, radio and digital. Astro approached Vostok VR to create a simple but effective VR presentation of the Astro Blaze Universe.


Mediacorp VR Tour gets an interactive extension

Vostok VR created an interactive extension to their virtual reality tour of the Mediacorp campus. The original 360-degree video tour used to showcase the campus and feature unknown and hidden parts of the new high-tech facility was enhanced by interactive features.


Intro to Well Life Cycle Training Goes Virtual

The world's largest oilfield services company, Schlumberger, needed a way to convey the scale of operations to their employees. They turned to virtual reality experts Vostok VR. The 360 video production Singapore-based company created an interactive oil field map to introduce trainees to a typical well life cycle.


Step inside Singapore at China’s CAEXPO

This September the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) participated in the 15th China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) in Nanning, Guangxi. The trade event promotes Singapore as a liveable, sustainable, pro-innovation city and a connector of Chinese enterprises to international markets.

Virtual reality production company Vostok VR prepared an interactive VR city gallery for the event at the request of SBF.


Enhanced Training for Oil and Gas through Virtual Reality Movies

PetroEdge, the leading provider of Oil and Gas training in Asia, executes over 300 courses a year through webinars, e-learning and classrooms. The company wanted to add a new dimension to their programmes. They wanted to create an experience that allowed their clients to see and feel actual outcrop sites without experiencing the safety risks and costs of actual travel. The company worked with virtual reality production company Vostok VR to design 360-degree videos that achieved this goal.



VOSTOKVR worked closely with OCBC to create first in Asia interactive installation using Carl ZEISS headsets. OCBC Customers and WTA Fans were able to be inside the head of tennis player and play against the best WTA stars.



Virtual Reality and 360 video experiences like Vostok VR’s Dangerous Bridge have the power to transport and immerse audiences into another world. At TechInAsia and Innovest, two of SE Asia’s premier technology events, VostokVR showcased their latest creations and content to over 200 active participants.

Fireeye 360 VR.jpg

VR production for fireeye

VR production for FireEye in a collaboration with Citrus Events & Communications: a combination between non-interactive high-quality 3D animation (normally not available on a smartphones) and interactive 360 VR game.

SaberTooth 360 VR


VostokVR created first-in-Singapore 360 stereo animation of saber-tooth tiger


360 animation for the property developer

Using our Virtual Reality headset, the client literally walked potential investors through their developing property, like a real live tour, only exponentially more interesting.