360 Videos for Touring Hospital Facilities From Home


360 Videos for Touring Hospital Facilities From Home


Even when a new hospital is world class, patients may not be confident in its quality without a visit to get a proper feel. Sunway Medical, one of the newest hospitals in Kuala Lumpur, knew this could be a problem. How could they reach out to local and overseas customers to show them the facilities without having to actually get them through the door?

The hospital reached out to virtual reality Singapore based production company Vostok VR to design an interactive video encounter with their wellness center and treatment facilities.


This is the first time in Malaysia a hospital has used a 360 VR tour to market facilities. The initial video gives viewers a glimpse into a typical visit, allowing them to fully feel the experience from the color of the walls, to the attending physician’s demeanor and the high-tech equipment.


The video was launched for Mother’s day and garnered over 23,000 views. The project was so well executed and received that Sunway Medical quickly expanded it from one video to four 360-degree videos.