360 Commercial Videos are one of the most amazing ways how you can convey your brand’s message to your customers.

We have worked tirelessly to become a leading pioneer in 360 Commercial video. Our passion for virtual reality makes possible our full range of services, including but not limited to: creative partsproduction (including aerial and underwater shots), and post-production that includes infographicsVFX360 animation, and more.

The stop-you-in-your-tracks images and unforgettable virtual experience this product delivers is the big push your brand has been waiting for. VostokVR stands by this assertion, not from a technologist's perspective, but from that of a story teller.

And what a story VostokVR has to tell? We have more than 30 projects to our credit, and have closely studied more than 300 VR movies. We will be happy to guide you through your brand's next amazing journey!


Virtual reality tour of Mediacorp facilities is a star-studded experience

The Mediacorp headquarters VR tour was initiated in mid 2018 to feature unknown and hidden parts of the new high tech campus at 1 Stars Avenue in Singapore.

Because it was impossible to show all facilities to third parties and business partners, Vostok VR created a star-studded 360 video tour comprising of selected areas of interest. The final product showcased Mediacorp Studios, Channel News Asia Studio, Wardrobe, Make-Up, Props and other select departments.


360 video production meets 6DOF for a truly immersive and cutting-edge VR experience

Vostok VR was approached by Eaglevision, a division of Mediacorp Studios specialising in Bahasa Malay drama production. They wanted to make a joint proposal for Mediacorp’s 2018 Content Development Fund. The fund provides capital to Singapore-based companies interested in developing cutting-edge media technologies.


Hit horror television show gets the virtual reality treatment

Creative media label Monochromatic approached Vostok VR to collaborate on adding an immersive angle to their already successful television drama, Avenue 13. Together, Monochromatic and Vostok VR made a joint proposal for the 2018 Content Development Fund, a Mediacorp award that provides capital to Singapore-based companies interested in developing cutting-edge media technologies.


Virtual reality documentary shows a day in the life of a start-up

Although Visa is a well known payment business, it is foremost a technology company. To promote its tech innovations, Visa has introduced a line of partnerships with startups that use their API to execute service payments. One such startup is YoloPay, a Singapore-based company that helps families better manage and track their spending. Visa wanted to explore how 360-degree video can make a difference in marketing YoloPay’s prepaid credit cards for teenagers and domestic helpers.


New technologies for television drama series

Vostok VR was approached by the Channel 5 content team in August 2017 to create companion content for the television drama Missing. The show features top SG stars Rebecca Lim and Pierre Png as they solve crimes and missing person cases across Thailand and Singapore.

The project was inspired by the success of another cinematic 360-degree video filmed by Vostok VR. The film, Abandon, set in an unoccupied building in Bangkok, won two awards at GCCVR festival in China. This was the first time the Mediacorp executive team saw the cinematic potential of 360 video.


Setting Sail on a Maritime Career with Singapore maritime foundation and Vostok VR

Careers at sea are often shrouded in mystery. Operational challenges and logistics prevent visitors from physically boarding a ship to experience work and life onboard vessels. This leads to a general lack of awareness about sailing careers, which are key roles of the maritime industry given that 90% of world trade is carried by ships. Therefore, though sailing careers are good potential career choices for students and jobseekers, not many people know about it, hence recruitment in the industry is challenging.


Showcasing Famous Hotel Marina Bay Sands with VR Technology

While Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is an iconic must-see for holiday makers, its reputation among business travelers does not meet its potential. Brand expert agency FreemanXP approached Vostok VR to create a 360-degree video experience that would showcase the facilities, amenities, spaces and surroundings of MBS in order to shift the hotel’s image among business travelers...

Sunway Medical Center 360.jpg

360 Videos for Touring Hospital Facilities From Home

Sunway Medical Center reached out to virtual reality Singapore based production company Vostok VR to design an interactive video encounter with their wellness center and treatment facilities...

Vostok VR teams with Discovery Channel and Nestle

In this first branded 360 VR project in Asia for the Discovery Channel, Vostok VR used similar technology to Chameleon VR to design a new app. The app was called Nido and is exclusively and widely available for users in the Phillipines...



The answer to aligning a company to its target market lies in fully understanding the customer. Johnson and Johnson global inside teams work year round to put themselves in the shoes of those using their products.

To stay on top of their game, Johnson and Johnson brought global leads closer to their consumer by incorporating virtual reality (VR) in market research presentations...


360 video tour for dbs bank singapore

When it came to refreshing the working environment, DBS envisioned something outside the normal for the banking world. They imagined an open space office to facilitate collaboration, much like those found in the high tech industry. However, knowing what you want and being able to convey it to your team are two different things...

challenge tomorrow.jpg

'Challenge tomorrow': 360 video for Channel News Asia singapore

Challenge Tomorrow is a 5-part documentary series about some of the greatest challenges Singapore and similar cities will face in the near future. Vostok VR collaborated with Channel News Asia to come up with the 'A Date Gone Wrong' and 'What I See' 360 video stories...

star awards.jpg

'star awards-2017' singapore : 360 Point-Of-View video story for channel 8 singapore

Star Awards is an annual ceremony held in Singapore where Mediacorp recognises entertainers for outstanding performance of the year...

sg food makers.jpg

SG FOOD MAKERS for spring singapore: 360 video & application

VOSTOK VR uses innovative approach to showcase food industry of Singapore...

H&T Asia 360 VR.jpg

360 video for PHARMACEUTICAL company

VOSTOK VR together with H&T Asia completed the 360 video project for Pharmaceutical Company...


'Start up': a series of 360 video for Channel News Asia singapore


4 Start-ups vie for the top prize - seed funding to make their ideas into reality...

SLA Aerial 360 VR.jpg

360 Aerial footage and app for singapore land authority (SLA)

When it comes to filming the larger than life properties managed by the Singapore Land Authority, only 360 degree video will do. This is a first for the country, and bold and beautiful to behold. Using 360 filming in this project meant taking to the air in a professional grade octocopter. Our large and stable flying platform allowed us to do more dynamic shots, not the hazy ones you can expect from low to mid end drones.

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