360 video production meets 6DOF for a truly immersive and cutting-edge VR experience



Vostok VR was approached by Eaglevision, a division of Mediacorp Studios specialising in Bahasa Malay drama production. They wanted to make a joint proposal for Mediacorp’s 2018 Content Development Fund. The fund provides capital to Singapore-based companies interested in developing cutting-edge media technologies.

Mediacorp selected seven projects for the fund. Among those selected was Vostok VR’s Aurora 360, a transmedia experience for Suria, Singapore’s Malay focused television channel.

The Aurora 360 series tells the adventure of three children involved in a linguistic themed competition for a chance to stay at PulauFantasi, an ideal island. However, Professor Ash, the gatekeeper of the island, has ulterior motives for the children.


Aurora 360 was Suria’s first transmedia project. It combines 360 video production with a fully interactive 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) VR experience.

For the 360-degree videos portion of the cinematic experience, Vostok VR used a full 360 degree green screen. Previously, all 360 video productions in Singapore have used 90-180 degree filming in front of the camera. This is the first time a company has staged the action in an entire 360 degree space in Singapore.

The second part of the project employs interactive virtual reality to simulate the emotional experience of the children as they encounter the mysterious island of PulauFantasi for the first time.

Both 360 footage and POV footage of the interactive TV experience will be integrated inside the TV drama. The product will be showcased on Toggle in both 2D and as a 360-degree movie. In addition to being used in the drama, the interactive VR experience will be available at road shows promoting the television program.


The entire production was completed by the Vostok VR team in Singapore in close partnership with Eaglevision.


This is the first transmedia concept produced for Suria Channel featuring 2D production, 360 filming and interactive VR creation. The compiled 2D video and 360 version will be uploaded to Toggle for 5 million users of its OTT platform. The interactive VR experience for Singapore road shows creates a more intimate immersive experience for the TV show fans.