How Travel Industry Players Are Using VR and 360 video to promote Tourist Destinations

"Businesses in Asia working within the travel industry has been especially quick to use virtual reality technology. Typical customer in Singapore, Malaysia or Philippines is looking to purchase experience, rather than product, and virtual reality offers an new and unusual way for marketers to give them a taste of what they can expect.

Travelers usually require tons of information before they book a hotel or flight. This may, for instance, require them to read descriptions, view images, look at videos, read customer reviews or seek opinions on social media. Through intelligent use of virtual reality, however, this process can be shortened significantly.

VR and 360 video can be used for next purposes:

· Create Amazing 'in-store' Customer Experiences

· Perfect for Expo, Activation and Social Media Campaigns

· Interactive Travel map to promote Destinations"

Flight Center VR.png