Intro to Well Life Cycle Training Goes Virtual



The world's largest oilfield services company, Schlumberger, needed a way to convey the scale of operations to their employees. They turned to virtual reality experts Vostok VR. The 360 video production Singapore-based company created an interactive oil field map to introduce trainees to a typical well life cycle.


The oil field environment, inclusive of more than 20 elements, was based on two dimensional reference images. Small animated elements were included to create constant movement and simulate real working processes. The VR project included reservoir characterization, well construction, reservoir production and production delivery.

The virtual reality movies were created in an extremely limited timeline of five days.


This proof of concept VR experience became a selling point for management to consider large scale in-depth VR simulation for business processes in oil and gas. It is currently on display at the Vostok VR showroom to highlight the potential of VR usage in energy.

The extended version of the project features interactive scenarios and training. It is currently under development.