moon ribas vr


Virtual Reality interview with Spanish avant garde artist touches on the future of technology 


Vostok VR was approached by leading Media Agency PHD Singapore. They were hosting Moon Ribas, a Spanish cyborg artist and activist, at Spikes Festival of Creativity and wanted to capture the moment in a new and unique way.

As part of her work, Ribas has implanted sensors in her feet that allow her to feel seismic activity, like earthquakes and tsunami, and their corresponding intensity. When she feels vibrations in the sensors, she expresses the sensations through dance. Vostok VR captured this experience and Ribas’ thoughts on technology and humanity in a virtual reality movie.


The movie presents as a 360 interview. It is the first appearance of Ribas in VR video.

The film consists of Ribas perfoming varying roles in four separate filmings. The viewer sees her face on in an interview, performing a dance to seismic activity peripherally and observing herself from a distance.

She addresses concepts like the future, technology and how virtual reality can bring us to the next level of understanding cyborgism.


The interview, shot from one side with a single camera, is stitched together into a panorama with footage of her dancing. Visuals and infographics enhance Ribas’ presence. The 360 degree video was shot in a theatre-like setting, resulting in an immersive experience. The viewer is surrounded by Ribas moving around the screen to interpret seismic activity.


The experience demonstrates how cyborgs can improve our understanding of the natural world and enhance human communication.

Ten immersive videos were published on the Toggle platform for more than 5 million viewers. They showcase the magic behind the Singapore-based 360 video production company.