Healthcare facilities celebrate new tech with VR tour

radlink vr


RadLink Asia, Singapore’s leading private diagnostic and molecular imaging health services provider, launched the first digital PET Scanner in Southeast Asia. This new technology is twice as fast as previous generations of scanners and is safer than current scanners as it requires patients consume lower doses of tracers.

The group of eight Diagnostic Imaging centres, two PET centres and a Cyclotron facility asked Vostok VR to create a bespoke virtual reality experience for the launch of their new technology.

Debuting at the launch party, the VR film showcased the new generation PET Scanner and a typical RadLink customer’s journey.


The virtual reality movie tracked the journey from the Cyclotron facility production cycle to the final procedure a patient undergoes at the Radlink flagship clinic in Paragon Medical Centre.

In addition to 360-degree video, 360 sketches were created to feature RadLink’s history and company achievements. 3D MOA (three dimensional mode of action) video was rendered to highlight how the new digital PET scanner will improve end results.


Filming was done in various locations around Singapore including laboratories and RadLink’s flagship clinic. During filming in the RadLink laboratory the production team wore special coats to prevent Biohazard exposure.

Modelling of the 3D MOA and a tracer delivery visualization took a few days to render to achieve the best quality in 4K.


A 2D version of 360-degree video was also created for the event. The RadLink team received 10 iPad Pros installed with the 360 video tours to use as sales tools.