VOSTOK VR uses innovative approach to showcase

food industry of Singapore

What was done:

  • 4x 360 videos created featuring a nice mix of static and dynamic shots
  • More than 50 motion graphic elements were created to compliment 360 video and showcase complex working process in easy way
  • 360 mobile application was created using unique design developed by VostokVR together with Ogilvy & Mathers Asia
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Other things to note:

  • The project was awarded to VostokVR by SPRING Singapore - an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry due to VostokVR's: high-end production quality (powered by participation in Mediacorp incubator), local team consisting of both of foreign and Singaporean talents and successful experience with other government bodies (SLA)
  • This project is the biggest 360 production in Singapore and largest food industry project in Singapore and in Asia
  • The application was stylized in “hawker-style” to demonstrate the connection between traditions (application menu) and hi-tech technologies (360 videos)