Malaysia’s first Tier 1 aerospace engine component manufacture gets the VR treatment

UMW Aerospace VR_v1.png


When UMW Aerospace entered into a 25 +5 year agreement with Rolls-Royce Plc to make and assemble aircraft fan cases, they became the first Malaysian Tier 1 aerospace engine component manufacturer.

This means they are the first Malaysian company to provide components directly to an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). In this case, the OEM is Rolls-Royce, and the fan cases are for the Trent 1000 and 7000 engines that power the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A33 neo aircrafts. The Trent engines are considered the most advanced on the market in aerospace engine technology. They provide high level fuel efficiency with minimal noise.

To commemorate the achievement, Vostok VR created a multi-module 6DOF interactive virtual reality film that combines 360-degree video, interactive VR and Tilt Brush sketches to feature UMW production facilities. The experience familiarizes viewers with UMW’s history and past projects. It is the first part of a large scale project for Vostok VR and UMW Group, in collaboration with Entropia Global.


Vostok VR delivered three versions of the project:

  • · A non-interactive 360 video shared on UMW’s Official YouTube channel for select audiences via a QR code.

  • · A non-interactive synchronised VR playback powered by Oculus GO headsets.

  • · An interactive 360 video, powered by a wireless setup of HTC Vive, that allows viewers to modify their journey as they go


The virtual reality shoot of the manufacturing plant took two days. The facility, located in Serendah, Selangor, is tailor-made to support the Rolls-Royce engine assembly plant in Seletar, Singapore. This purpose built centre supports Rolls-Royce’s strategic intent to develop a supply chain in the Asia Pacific region.

The post-production and 3D animation was completed in a critically short timeline of two weeks. It included construction of both a Trent 1000 engine and Boeing 787 Dreamliner 3D model.


The showcase was launched during Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia (MSAM), a government sponsored event that promotes financial and investment literacy.

More than 1,500 branded UMW Google Cardboards containing the QR codes for the non-interactive 360-degree video were distributed at the event. Select VIP guests viewed the non-interactive synchronised VR playback version.

The official interactive VR experience was opened by President and UMW Group CEO, Badrul Feisal Abdul Rahim alongside Chief Minister and Menteri Besar of the State of Kedah, Mr. Mukhriz Mahathir.