Virtual reality documentary shows a day in the life of a start-up



Although Visa is a well known payment business, it is foremost a technology company. To promote its tech innovations, Visa has introduced a line of partnerships with startups that use their API to execute service payments. One such startup is YoloPay, a Singapore-based company that helps families better manage and track their spending. Visa wanted to explore how 360-degree video can make a difference in marketing YoloPay’s prepaid credit cards for teenagers and domestic helpers.


This VR documentary recorded one day in a life of a startup. It showed the real emotions, stress and pitches during the day of Yoloplay’s service launch and ended at 2 am the next day when the service was live.


The Vostok VR production team spent 20 consecutive hours following YoloPay founder Ravi Patel.


Although the project was never published for a large audience, it elicited support from YoloPay existing and potential investors. The YoloPay virtual reality movie was well received and promoted the brand’s product and collaboration with Visa International Singapore.