Vostok VR teams with Discovery Channel and Nestle



In 2017, Vostok VR was invited to participate in a collaborative project between Discovery Network International and Nestle. The companies were looking for branded content using footage of animals in different countries.


In this first branded 360 VR project in Asia for the Discovery Channel, Vostok VR used similar technology to Chameleon VR to design a new app. The app was called Nido and is exclusively and widely available for users in the Phillipines.

Vostok VR’s virtual reality movies for this project feature Tallulah, a 2D character who travels across the world to teach kids about animals. Tallulah’s adventures eventually expand to space exploration.


The app received over 10,000 downloads in the first six months of its launch. Three additional 360-degree videos were commissioned following the success of an initial three videos, bringing the total number of videos to six.

Over 100,000 cardboard phone covers were distributed to Nestle consumers to simulate virtual reality headsets.

Nido became the largest animated VR project in SE Asia.

( Here is the link to 2D TV Commercial on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H8sI21mLJU )