Enhanced Training for Oil and Gas through Interactive Virtual Reality Experiences




PetroEdge, the leading provider of Oil and Gas training in Asia, executes over 300 courses a year through webinars, e-learning and classrooms. The company wanted to add a new dimension to their programmes. They wanted to create an experience that allowed their clients to see and feel actual outcrop sites without experiencing the safety risks and costs of actual travel. The company worked with virtual reality production company Vostok VR to design interactive 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) experiences that achieved this goal.


Vostok VR used photogrammetry to create two different 3D VR models of the outcrop. A total of 500 square meters of Scottish terrain were represented to expert praised precision. In this first ever 360 VR simulation of the outcrop, a client’s employees are able to obtain essential job skills and knowledge without costing millions of dollars in travel and other business costs.


The final product was widely demonstrated at industry events. Based on the initial production success, the creation of five more virtual outcrop videos covering 5000 square meters in Oman and Spain are planned for 2018. Over 1000 geologists are expected to receive the VR outcrop simulation training.