Suria Channel goes transmedia with 360 video and 6DOF VR



Vostok VR’s joint proposal with Eaglevision for the 2018 Content Development Fund pitch was one of 7 projects selected for development and sponsored by Mediacorp and IMDA Singapore. The endeavour became the first transmedia experience for Suria Channel, a predominantly Malay Singaporean free-to-air channel.

Vostok VR’s Content Development Fund entry included a series that tells the adventure of three children who signed up for a linguistic selection competition for a chance to stay at idyllic island, PulauFantasi. Drama ensues as Professor Ash, the gatekeeper of the island, has ulterior motivations for the children.


The two-part large scale drama project included a 360 video and an interactive VR experience.

The interactive VR experience was used during launch roadshows and as a point of view (POV) capture of the VR experience that is viewable on the Toggle platform. The roadshow experience simulated the anticipation and drama of the story’s characters as they arrived at the mysterious island. The POV capture mixes VR with real action scenes from the drama. It is the first time Mediacorp has showcased POV of VR simulation in a drama.

The project sets a new standard for transmedia content efforts by Mediacorp as the first time they have sponsored a combined 360 video production and fully interactive 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) VR experience.


Although the project was awarded in March 2018, the story details were only refined in mid-December 2018. Vostok VR created a completely new VR island environment, inclusive of two sister islands, a house in a cave, hundreds of trees, two magical trees and a mysterious dragon, in less than one and a half months. The team worked closely with Eaglevision and Suria to continually refine details.


The industry-first finished product features 2D production with VR elements represented as POV video, 360 filming and interactive VR creation. The compiled 2D video and the 360 version on Toggle exposed 5 million users of the OTT platform to the content. The interactive VR experience creates a more intimate immersive experience for TV show fans at road shows and other events.

Vostok VR has become a technology provider for Eaglevision, the Mediacorp Studios department that specialises in drama production in Bahasa Malay.