VostokVR in collaboration with A+E Networks presented Guided VR Tour technology at first-ever History Con in Manila, Phillippines (August'2016)


VostokVR brings the new way of guiding and teaching. Guided VR Tour developed in collaboration with Titans of Space (TM) allows to conduct guided VR tours with up to 30 virtual reality headsets from Android based tablet.


Haven’t been to the space yet? Then hurry up, and bring all your friends along. Because now you can dip into the virtual reality world together.

A few hundreds visitors had already tested the group VR travelling during the History Con event in Manila. In the Solar System booth they flew from Earth to Mars and from Mars to Venus with the only help of a dozen VR headsets. VostokVR helped to make sure everyone’s keeping up and the group sticks together.

Student’s teachers stared in amazement. A usually boring Astronomy lesson had fully transformed engaging even the most hyperactive and restless students!

- The new technology allows to control every VR headset from just one single device. Means the guide now don’t need to worry that someone has still been counting Saturn rings while everyone moved to Jupiter already.

Not only the new technology allows this moving at the same time, but it also gives you the power to add some information on participant screens and change the music when it necessary.

This is the future of VR group travelling. Or maybe it is a new way of giving group presentations? Or a sophisticated opportunity to lead your potential investor through something that doesn’t exist yet and present the potential future? Whichever you need it for, it would find its use at every niche.

So next time you’re going to dip into that virtual reality world, bear in mind you’re now free to share your experience with the rest.