Chameleon VR: first Asian 360 cinematic video library with expanded features

Chameleon VR is set to become Asia's most expansive collection of cinematic experience offered in Virtual Reality. So far, it is the first 360 cinematic video library of its kind.

"Somehow this part of the world has been neglected by VR cinematographers," says 360 content creator, Vitaliy Nechaev, Director of a Singapore based virtual reality company, VostokVR. Nechaev, notes: "Little by little we are going to gather all VR movies created around here, either by us or other studios.’

Intent on gathering the most interesting VR stories, Chameleon VR is mainly focused on the content created throughout Asia; starting from the volcanoes of Kamchatka, through the abandoned ghost-towns in the middle of Bangkok, and up to the most remote parts of the Philippines. "If you’re a production company looking for best spot for filming content, we are open to collaboration," says Vitaliy Nechaev.

The most notable application features Chameleon VR offers, are enhanced video quality and binaural spatial audio support. The latter gives you goosebumps – the feeling of someone whispering in your ear, while the video quality provides sharper and clearer video, with the same resolution.

Another Chameleon VR feature worth mentioning, is direct access to servers that allows anyone (from anywhere) to get a direct access, and the best download speed.

The application is free of charge, and available for both iOS and Android devices. You can enjoy this virtual experience via VR headset, or by using single screen mode on your phone without a headset.