Innovating Virtual Reality TV, the Next Media Game Changer

Vostok VR is leading the way in storytelling by incorporating virtual reality in mainstream media.

In collaboration with Mediacorp, the award winning 360 degree film company created  a series of mobile accessible experiences that completely immerse the viewer in the midst of the popular TV crime drama, Missing.

Vostok VR founder Vitaliy Nechaev and team utilized innovative techniques to virtually place the audience alongside actors Pierre Png and Rebecca Lim as they solved mysteries across Thailand and Singapore.

The company is one of the few studios in Asia with the ability to create any type of VR moving shot. Twenty-two people were involved in the over 40 hours of filming for Missing VR, making it the largest VR production in South-East Asia.

At times, the crew used up to six different devices. For example, the combination of a rover, a wirecam and a dolly simulated an enhanced production value camera fly-through effect. Meanwhile, all action scenes were monitored with in-house developed live 360 streaming technology to enable the director and production team to monitor the full panorama in the media village.

Nechaev and crew navigated multiple challenges to authentically represent the plot and feel of the series. Multiple low-light scenes would not have been possible without Vostok VR’s high image quality FIDEL I cinematic camera. Extra attention was paid to location as some scenes were set over 20 years ago in the ever changing cityscape of Singapore. Binaural recording with special microphones created a natural feel and ambient environment.

Approximately 400 hours of post-production work shaped the more than 1 TB of recorded data into a series of 8 VR dramas that compliment the traditional 15 television episodes.

 “I believe that Missing VR is a stepping stone for Mediacorp to try new formats and to build proof-of-concepts that can be shared with other channels,” said Nechaev. The technology is currently being used by Vostok VR in other branded projects across Asia as the company prepares to collaborate with the Discovery Channel on educational content and Spanish avant-garde artist and cyborg activist Moon Ribas, as she explores humanity’s relationship with seismic activity.

Missing VR is available on the white-labeled Chameleon VR application currently accessed by tens of thousands of customers across South-East Asia. The content is aired alongside other company productions like Happyland360, a unique documentary featuring a Manila slum, and the short film Abandon, set in Bangkok.

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