Working with media companies means following the highest standards in terms of content delivery.  We work with top ASEAN companies to create new transmedia concepts and branded VR content. We specialize in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 360 degree videos. In the past we’ve created:

·         Transmedia storytelling,  including VR dramas and 360 degree documentaries

·         Event live broadcasts in 360

·         Historical event recreations in AR for news and articles

Missing VR


Agencies must stay on their toes to provide the best services for their clients in today’s competitive environment. That’s where we step in. We help media agencies integrate VR and 360 video into their customer’s digital strategies, thereby bringing a new immersive angle to TV and social media events. Recently we’ve assisted agencies through the production of:

·         New campaign launches in VR

·         Award winning branded VR content

·         Educational hubs for children in 360 video

Nido Fortigrow VR

Oil and Gas VR


In the post economic crash era of the oil industry, cutting downtime and costs while boosting efficiency is the new normal.  Companies have responded by jumping on the ‘digital disruption’ bandwagon with technologies like Virtual Reality. The immersive technology of VR can improve efficiency and productivity in an environment with challenges unique to the oil and gas industry like complex and remote facilities with distinct safety concerns. Through VR headsets, operators and maintenance technicians interact in innovative new ways. Few case studies from Vostok VR experience:

·        Virtual Reality Geology Field Trips

·         Well Lifecycle Simulations

·         Serious Games in VR to train engineers


In today’s global world, both large MNC’s and local champions operate across borders to connect businesses and markets. They need ways to integrate solutions that are applicable within existing business schemes. Our VR production helps businesses of any size gain positive ROI and brand loyalty through projects like:

·         360 degree office tours for new employees

·         VR and AR company presentation for B2B events

·         360 video production for corporate and social responsibility



Hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical companies are great candidates for VR and AR, whether it is an immersive presentation of the facilities or a complex 360 animation to explain a drug or procedure.  Through VR, the healthcare industry can familiarize providers and patients with new procedures and environments to enable decision making. Proven examples include:

·         360 degree hospital tours

·         Patient POV experience in VR

·         360 videos explaining drug mode of action

Sunway Medical VR


Luxury brands invest time and money to create state-of-the-art experiences for their valuable and often meticulous customers. VR is one differentiator that brands can turn to. The technology is ideal for showing behind the scenes creation of products or simply highlighting the passion and expertise behind a product. Vostok VR transmedia productions have featured:

·         Private 360 hotel tours for business travelers

·         Exclusive VR test drive for VIP customers

·         Behind the scenes encounter for iconic fragrances



Government agencies and private foundations need creative solutions that suit a wide range of industries and sectors. We’ve designed 360 degree videos to showcase industries and government bodies, including:

·         Industry presentations in 360

·         Virtual Reality city tours

·         Career recruitment and industry promotional videos

SG Spring VR