VostokVR for FireEye at Singapore International Cyber Week'2016

Creativity, high professionalism and top-notch equipment are all you need to create a perfect virtual reality content for business. With the virtual reality as a new way to engage customers, VR production inevitably tackle marketing in all spheres in Singapore and South Asia.

Our last VR production for FireEye in a collaboration with Citrus Communications is yet one more confirmation. Their booth equipped with 5x GearVR headsets synchronized with each other (so the experience starts at the same time for all the participants) became one of the popular at the inaugural Singapore International Cyber Week 2016 in Singapore!

The unique feature is that experience was a combination between non-interactive high-quality 3D animation (normally not available on a smartphones) and interactive 360 VR game. The 360 virtual reality video got you right inside the cyber security defensive system. And here when the high quality 360 video content combines with some live action VR experience!

With the help of that technology the FireEye brand was able to showcase their core values ans share their success stories.

The most exciting part of the FireEye VR video became a short sci-fi shooter game where you actively dive into the cyber defense and fight back unexpected vicious viruses. Aiming attackers by your own vision and destroy unwanted Trojans and worms with the quick blast. Just be quick and look around: it is a 360 virtual reality world, and attackers are all around you in front and behind!

No wonder that with such a VR presentation FireEye booth became one of the visitable at the inaugural Singapore International Cyber Week 2016! Who would’ve mind to shoot over a few viruses for the sake of national defense?

Photos of FireEye booth with excited people in virtual reality headsets decorated most of the CyberWeek news that day. The double advantage of having a good quality interesting VR content made by VostokVR!

***FireEye (FEYE) is a leading company in cyber security, protecting organizations from advanced malware, zero-day exploits, APTs, and other cyber attacks.