Virtual Reality Thrives in an Unlikely Place: VostokVR project for DBS Bank


When the largest Singaporean multinational banking and financial services corporation, DBS, moved into its new headquarters in Marina Bay Financial Center, it did more than simply pioneer a new vision of a bank workspace. DBS was also among the first in banking to use virtual reality and 360-filming.

DBS's state of the art HQ was designed to bring about innovation and increased productivity in its employees. Inspired by Google offices, DBS has created the ultimate contemporary workspace; one that boosts employees' morale, so that they work better as a team, deliver improved services to clients, and enjoy a work-life balance that makes them happier.

With benefits such as these, the big question is: how do banks worldwide do what DBS is doing?  Mere photos aren't enough to convey the unique atmosphere of the Marina Bay Financial Center. The new business space occupies 18 levels, with over 600,000 square feet, so it would have been an exhausting job to show everyone around, let along fly them out to Singapore for a tour. That's where a 360-presentation made by VostokVR, comes in.

The filming only took one day. As a result, employees from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and others branches are now able to visit DBS headquarters in Singapore with no gravity flight cost, and no time wasted. A perfect solution! Excited by this outcome, DBS is going to utilize virtual reality for additional projects. Virtual reality is fast becoming the future of global communication!