Date a celebrity: a creative VR teaser for Medicorp Star Awards show


Ever dreamed of going out with a movie star? Thanks to virtual reality, you finally get your chance at Star Awards or, more aptly, The Singapore Oscars. Hosted by Mediacorp, it's one of the most popular events of the year, dominating the local entertainment scene.

That being said, it's no surprise Vostok VR conceived of this idea! Now, you can enjoy an up-close and personal VR experience with Singapore celebrities, Romeo Tan and Paige Chua. These stars were included in this year's Star Awards Top 10 Male and Female Artists. In this virtual reality, you help your star choose an outfit for the ceremony, encounter their fans, favorite hot spots ringed by reporters, and, last but not least, enjoy the thrill of a celebrity asking YOU to be THEIR date for the Star Awards Show.

"It's not the first time Mediacorp has used VR for this event. Last year's ceremony was captured using 360° video, and uploaded on the media channel website. It was a new experience then, considering 360 filming was just getting started in Singapore. But it showed the incredible potential of virtual reality," says VR producer and company director, Vitaliy Nechaev.

This year Mediacorp aims to create something entirely different –a dazzling VR experience in keeping with the most cutting edge in technology trends. Mediacorp trusts the Vostok VR studio to deliver on this, and so have assigned this task to them without hesitation.

A virtual reality "date with a star" promises to be the most unusual show teaser seen in Asia. The 360 video is available for everyone on VostokVR’s cinematic video library, from the beginning of April to just a week before the main show.