Vostok VR presents at Innovest and TechInAsia 2017

“Oh my God!” shouts a woman on a plank in business attire and virtual reality glasses. Amidst TechInAsia and InnovFest conference attendees, sweaty palmed participants at VostokVR’s booth crossed a wobbly mountain bridge to jump into a helicopter.

Virtual Reality and 360 video experiences like Vostok VR’s Dangerous Bridge have the power to transport and immerse audiences into another world. At TechInAsia and Innovest, two of SE Asia’s premier technology events, VostokVR showcased their latest creations and content to over 200 active participants.

The events are attended by technology startups, visitors and industry experts from around the globe looking for inspiration. This inspiration comes from both startups and conglomerates. As a leader in Southeast Asia’s virtual reality scene, 360 video production company VostokVR exhibited their products alongside companies like FinTech and EduTech that will undoubtedly change the industry landscapes in the decades to come.