Vostok VR @ InnovFest/TechInAsia 2017

1The possibility to be transported to another world is becoming a reality with the help of VR. At Innovfest and TechInAsia events this year, Vostok VR has offered visitors the opportunities to try out the HTC Vive headset and interact with high quality 360 VR content.

In Virtual Reality (VR), audiences get to be transported to the other world and be immersed environment which they do not usually experience in real life. One of the featured video involved in having the viewer walking on a tall wobbly bridge on top of the mountain, and at one point they have to jump inside a helicopter. Many of the participants watching the show ended with sweaty palms and heads. Many of them mentioned that the experience was really immersive and they really felt they were in another world with the lifelike graphics.

TechInAsia and Innovfest are some of the most known regional events whereby technology startups, visitors and industry experts from different part of the globe flying in to the event. In both events, they have been filled with tech conglomerates as well as rising startups show casing their latest technology creation. VostokVR has always helped to contribute to the VR scene in South East Asian region by showcasing and sharing to the event participant their latest cutting edge VR technologies as well as VR content. Just for VostokVR booth itself, there were over 200 active participants for both events and some of which are industry experts from other industry domains who are curious about VR. Alongside with VostokVR, are many fast growing technology startups which range from FinTech to EduTech, companies which have the immerse potential of changing the industry landscapes in the next decades to come.

Date a celebrity: a creative VR teaser for Medicorp Star Awards show


Ever dreamed of going out with a movie star? Thanks to virtual reality, you finally get your chance at Star Awards or, more aptly, The Singapore Oscars. Hosted by Mediacorp, it's one of the most popular events of the year, dominating the local entertainment scene.

That being said, it's no surprise Vostok VR conceived of this idea! Now, you can enjoy an up-close and personal VR experience with Singapore celebrities, Romeo Tan and Paige Chua. These stars were included in this year's Star Awards Top 10 Male and Female Artists. In this virtual reality, you help your star choose an outfit for the ceremony, encounter their fans, favorite hot spots ringed by reporters, and, last but not least, enjoy the thrill of a celebrity asking YOU to be THEIR date for the Star Awards Show.

"It's not the first time Mediacorp has used VR for this event. Last year's ceremony was captured using 360° video, and uploaded on the media channel website. It was a new experience then, considering 360 filming was just getting started in Singapore. But it showed the incredible potential of virtual reality," says VR producer and company director, Vitaliy Nechaev.

This year Mediacorp aims to create something entirely different –a dazzling VR experience in keeping with the most cutting edge in technology trends. Mediacorp trusts the Vostok VR studio to deliver on this, and so have assigned this task to them without hesitation.

A virtual reality "date with a star" promises to be the most unusual show teaser seen in Asia. The 360 video is available for everyone on VostokVR’s cinematic video library, from the beginning of April to just a week before the main show.

New 360 filming challenge for Channel News Asia


The news channel CNA has implemented a 21st Century way of televised storytelling, and become the first in Southeast Asia to apply virtual reality in a TV documentary.

Two 360 movies, "A Date Gone Wrong" and "What I See" are additional narratives to a 5-part documentary series titled "Challenge Tomorrow". The documentary is, in and of itself, about some of the greatest challenges facing Singapore in the near future. Creating additional VR movies complemented this main idea, and presented the film crew with interesting, but not insurmountable challenges of their own.

"Producing in 360 was a wholly new experience," said producer Shanmuga Sundaram. "There were no rules or guidelines to follow. Discovering the best way to tell a story in VR was both daunting and exciting. It was a time of experimentation."

The first of its kind, the project lead to the discovery of new tasks, and solutions to getting them done. For example, with 360 filming, there is no way for the producer and crew to stay behind the camera – necessitating the creation of a new script. In one scene, there were 10 people involved in 8-minutes of non-stop action, something that has rarely been done before.

To enhance the experience, CNA engaged theatre actors and collaborated with students from Temasek Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic and MAGES Institute of Excellence.


For CNA, this 360 filming became a unique opportunity to enhance the viewer’s experience and provide "a sense of your presence", like you’re part of the environment", according to producer, Shanmuga Sundaram.

The TV series premiered on CNA from February 19 to March 26. It finished with an additional one-hour documentary "The Making of VR", telling about how these stories were made.


The 360 movies "A Date Gone Wrong" and "What I See" are available for viewing at 360 cinematic video library, chameleon-vr.com, for both Android and iPhone phones.

Chameleon VR: first Asian 360 cinematic video library with expanded features

Chameleon VR is set to become Asia's most expansive collection of cinematic experience offered in Virtual Reality. So far, it is the first 360 cinematic video library of its kind.

"Somehow this part of the world has been neglected by VR cinematographers," says 360 content creator, Vitaliy Nechaev, Director of a Singapore based virtual reality company, VostokVR. Nechaev, notes: "Little by little we are going to gather all VR movies created around here, either by us or other studios.’

Intent on gathering the most interesting VR stories, Chameleon VR is mainly focused on the content created throughout Asia; starting from the volcanoes of Kamchatka, through the abandoned ghost-towns in the middle of Bangkok, and up to the most remote parts of the Philippines. "If you’re a production company looking for best spot for filming content, we are open to collaboration," says Vitaliy Nechaev.

The most notable application features Chameleon VR offers, are enhanced video quality and binaural spatial audio support. The latter gives you goosebumps – the feeling of someone whispering in your ear, while the video quality provides sharper and clearer video, with the same resolution.

Another Chameleon VR feature worth mentioning, is direct access to servers that allows anyone (from anywhere) to get a direct access, and the best download speed.

The application is free of charge, and available for both iOS and Android devices. You can enjoy this virtual experience via VR headset, or by using single screen mode on your phone without a headset.

Start-UP 360 animation successful teaser release


Every year, Slush Pitching Competition partners with Channel NewsAsia in presenting the 30 best seed-stage companies of Slush Singapore. The competition gives its participants the chance to turn their business ideas into reality, culminating in a grand finale that grants seed funding to the best ideas. The event is widely broadcasted by CNA.

At the end, four remaining startups make a final pitch to convince judges that they are worth investing in. This year's finale, Start-UP 4th Season, garnered a lot of attention for its innovative sneak preview: a 360-degree animation! In just a few days, the uploaded teaser generated close to 100,000 views on Facebook.

Always on the lookout for innovation, the VOSTOK VR crew suggested this new experience. They captured the finale speeches with 360-degree cameras, and then blended the high-definition video with animated infographics, pictures, text, characters, and more.

Animated 360 video has a great way of resonating with people. In this case, it also became a great way to hold everyone’s rapt attention during what was, for the most part, a motionless video.

A copy of a full length 360 animated video was presented to every finalist – a highly useful tool, considering these innovators will continue raising business funds, and need a cunning way to represent newly conceived of business ideas – before there is anything tangible to show.

Virtual Reality Thrives in an Unlikely Place: VostokVR project for DBS Bank


When the largest Singaporean multinational banking and financial services corporation, DBS, moved into its new headquarters in Marina Bay Financial Center, it did more than simply pioneer a new vision of a bank workspace. DBS was also among the first in banking to use virtual reality and 360-filming.

DBS's state of the art HQ was designed to bring about innovation and increased productivity in its employees. Inspired by Google offices, DBS has created the ultimate contemporary workspace; one that boosts employees' morale, so that they work better as a team, deliver improved services to clients, and enjoy a work-life balance that makes them happier.

With benefits such as these, the big question is: how do banks worldwide do what DBS is doing?  Mere photos aren't enough to convey the unique atmosphere of the Marina Bay Financial Center. The new business space occupies 18 levels, with over 600,000 square feet, so it would have been an exhausting job to show everyone around, let along fly them out to Singapore for a tour. That's where a 360-presentation made by VostokVR, comes in.

The filming only took one day. As a result, employees from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and others branches are now able to visit DBS headquarters in Singapore with no gravity flight cost, and no time wasted. A perfect solution! Excited by this outcome, DBS is going to utilize virtual reality for additional projects. Virtual reality is fast becoming the future of global communication!

VostokVR for FireEye at Singapore International Cyber Week'2016

Creativity, high professionalism and top-notch equipment are all you need to create a perfect virtual reality content for business. With the virtual reality as a new way to engage customers, VR production inevitably tackle marketing in all spheres in Singapore and South Asia.

Our last VR production for FireEye in a collaboration with Citrus Communications is yet one more confirmation. Their booth equipped with 5x GearVR headsets synchronized with each other (so the experience starts at the same time for all the participants) became one of the popular at the inaugural Singapore International Cyber Week 2016 in Singapore!

The unique feature is that experience was a combination between non-interactive high-quality 3D animation (normally not available on a smartphones) and interactive 360 VR game. The 360 virtual reality video got you right inside the cyber security defensive system. And here when the high quality 360 video content combines with some live action VR experience!

With the help of that technology the FireEye brand was able to showcase their core values ans share their success stories.

The most exciting part of the FireEye VR video became a short sci-fi shooter game where you actively dive into the cyber defense and fight back unexpected vicious viruses. Aiming attackers by your own vision and destroy unwanted Trojans and worms with the quick blast. Just be quick and look around: it is a 360 virtual reality world, and attackers are all around you in front and behind!

No wonder that with such a VR presentation FireEye booth became one of the visitable at the inaugural Singapore International Cyber Week 2016! Who would’ve mind to shoot over a few viruses for the sake of national defense?

Photos of FireEye booth with excited people in virtual reality headsets decorated most of the CyberWeek news that day. The double advantage of having a good quality interesting VR content made by VostokVR!

***FireEye (FEYE) is a leading company in cyber security, protecting organizations from advanced malware, zero-day exploits, APTs, and other cyber attacks.

VostokVR presents it's new 360 video: Run to the Water

Dance and Actor: Karpenko Gymnastics Academy (Singapore)

Music: Run to the Water (Moddi, Norway)

Technical Support: Samsung Singapore

Scenario, Filming, Post-production: VostokVR Singapore

The 2D trailer is available for viewing on the web internet browser.

We successfully completed VR project for Singapore Land Authorities

VostokVR is proud to finalize it's project with Singapore Land Authorities (SLA) that consisted of 360 video, aerial video, infographic and Virtual Reality Viewer application development.

The 2D trailer is available for viewing on the web internet browser.


VostokVR in collaboration with A+E Networks presented Guided VR Tour technology at first-ever History Con in Manila, Phillippines (August'2016)


VostokVR brings the new way of guiding and teaching. Guided VR Tour developed in collaboration with Titans of Space (TM) allows to conduct guided VR tours with up to 30 virtual reality headsets from Android based tablet.


Haven’t been to the space yet? Then hurry up, and bring all your friends along. Because now you can dip into the virtual reality world together.

A few hundreds visitors had already tested the group VR travelling during the History Con event in Manila. In the Solar System booth they flew from Earth to Mars and from Mars to Venus with the only help of a dozen VR headsets. VostokVR helped to make sure everyone’s keeping up and the group sticks together.

Student’s teachers stared in amazement. A usually boring Astronomy lesson had fully transformed engaging even the most hyperactive and restless students!

- The new technology allows to control every VR headset from just one single device. Means the guide now don’t need to worry that someone has still been counting Saturn rings while everyone moved to Jupiter already.

Not only the new technology allows this moving at the same time, but it also gives you the power to add some information on participant screens and change the music when it necessary.

This is the future of VR group travelling. Or maybe it is a new way of giving group presentations? Or a sophisticated opportunity to lead your potential investor through something that doesn’t exist yet and present the potential future? Whichever you need it for, it would find its use at every niche.

So next time you’re going to dip into that virtual reality world, bear in mind you’re now free to share your experience with the rest.

HAPPYLAND360 was showcased during first in Russia 360 film festival organized by EMC

EMC VR Fest is the first film festival organized in Russia that attracted more than 30 best 360 films (including productions from JauntVR, Within, NYTVR, Baobab studios etc). Within 3 days more than 1,500 people have tried 360 video for the first time in their life and VOSTOKVR is proud to be a part of this amazing event.
Hopefully end of this year we can come out with even more amazing and technically advanced 360 videos and 360 animations.


JAUNTVR started it's journey by publishing 360 video with Paul McCartney
Then they got 100 million investments from Disney and China Media Partners and have switched to becoming "Netflix for VR".
To do that they have started approaching best in class 360 video companies to host their videos on leading edge JauntVR platform.
VOSTOKVR is proud to announce our partnership with Jaunt, as we published first piece "Happyland360" there and have few more cinematic VR collaborations in plans.
This agreement proves that VOSTOKVR is one of the laeding 360 video companies in Asia, which talents and works are valued worldwide

The video can be watched at https://www.jauntvr.com/title/c548c2a1a4


Vision Summit hosted by UNITY became one of the largest events dedicated to VR and 360 video in first 6 months of 2016 and attracted best of the best VR/AR/360 video production studios. 
Competing with more than 300 other entries Happyland360 has reached finals where shared Honorable Mention together with VRSE/United Nation project "Waves of Grace". It has became the only project that reached finals representing Asian 360 filmmakers.

Full list of Finalists you can find here http://visionsummit2016.com/awards

VR Activation at Huawei Flagship Store @ Plaza Singapura

Huawei Flagship Store in Singapore is one of the most advanced telco stores in South­East Asia. You may consider it as an Huawei Experience centre, where everyone can try latest technologies powered by Huawei.

VOSTOKVR has provided ZEISS VR headsets and have modelled and 3D printed special custom­made tray to enable use of latest Huawei smartphones.


Filmed by VOSTOKVR with support from V3RA and leading optical manufacturer Carl ZEISS. The project unravels the story of 50,000 people who live by the toxic landfill in Manila, Philippines. Once called Hapilan, or “smelly garbage” in the Visayan dialect, locals renamed the slum Happyland in hope of a better future. The movie represent first example of 360 documentary ever made in Singapore and Asia.
More detailed article you can find at CNET - http://www.cnet.com/news/take-a-360-degree-virtual-journey-through-the-happyland-slum-in-the-philippines/ 
Use your smartphon & cardboard to to view the trailer. 

Virtual Tennis from VOSTOK VR and at WTA Finals Singapore'2015

Iconic sports event that held once in a year in Singapore. Top 8 Women Tennis Association players are invited to decide who is the best.

VOSTOKVR worked closely with OCBC to create first in Asia interactive installation using Carl ZEISS headsets. OCBC Customers and WTA Fans were able to be inside the head of tennis player and play against the best WTA stars. The event was held in 2 spots in Singapore (at OCBC Centre as well as Fan Zone @ Stadium) and attracted more than 5,000 visitors. That was also the only Virtual Reality setup at WTA Finals Fan Zone.


VOSTOK VR at TEDx talks

VOSTOKVR made a live recording of TEDx Singapore. We have also created a VR Booth where TEDx visitors, speakers and team members could try best of the best made 360 content and sneak peak of Happyland360 project.

VR1 is proud to be featured at Huawei Innovation Day 2015 @ Raffles Hotel



Huawei Innovation Day was first ever in Asia Innovation day organised by Huawei in Asia. It was held in glorious Raffles Hotel, where crème de la crème of Singapore IT society gathered.

We have created interactive VR setup powered by Huawei P8 smartphone. For this purpose we have modeled and then 3D printed special custom-­made trays to handle Huawei latest smartphone.


Garena Carnival is the largest in Asia gaming carnival with more than 8,000 visitors. Together with Garena we have created interactive booth where Garena games fans can interact with Poro (small creature from League of legends game series) using their facial emotions. Aside from that every gamer could try VR headsets, games and interactive experiences.