Malaysia Expands Virtual Reality Technology

Over 40 multinational firms from around the globe have come to Cyberjaya, Malaysia to fulfill the government’s more than a billion dollar initiative to build a technology and startup hub.  


The area’s appeal is expected to increase as Cyberjaya, Malaysia’s Silicon Valley, incorporates internet of things and smart city technologies. This technology development and industry hub appeal is expected to facilitate the area and national economic growth.

The VR industry in particular is expected to make big waves as it takes on a new role in the workplace and entertainment. Industries like construction, health-care and education are already adopting VR and changing the way we interact and explore. For example, future classrooms may become obsolete as students save travel time and money by attending school via 360 video.

Tech conglomerates like Facebook and Microsoft have announced that they plan to double their investment and focus in VR. Other companies will have to follow suit to stay ahead of the game.

Vostok VR is primed with first mover advantage as it makes its way into Malaysia, a country with a notable VR market gap. The VR production company aims to not only take the market lead, but to also provide strategic expertise. The Vostok VR team hails from Russia, an area known for in depth VR domain knowledge, and is excited to bring 360 video solutions to Malaysia.